Esthetician Education & Skills Requirements


To become an esthetician, you have to check with your state again and make sure to see what schools is available, community college or vocational school to find out. Basically we got a book, we had to do all the studying, do all the testing and then basically everything was hands on. We first helped each other on once we got to know each other student-wise. We could have a really people of 25 students and they just practice on each other and they you start the begging’s for people to come in, meaning family members, friends to have skin care stuff done. Nail, hair, depending on what qualification you wanted to go for. Every facial, there’s different types of facials. There are different types of peels and you have to do so many required hours for that, even waxing: the different waxing of body parts, meaning arms, legs, face. There are so many hours and once you do that you pass the exam. You have to take a test and then you gonna get your license. And that’s all you have to do. You just gotta be focused and then you have continuing education every two years and you can learn as much as you want. Along take test, learn the new things, technology that comes out. There are always shows throughout the year in different places and that’s the best way to keep with your education.