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EstheticianWith the world spinning its wheels like never before and the masses floating around like massive waves in the seas, there has never been a better time to get into the esthetician or the beautician industry like today. More and more people are becoming aware that beauty or appearance, is the first and foremost judge of all that comes even if it is for a business, romantic or political matter. There's an increasing and growing awareness the difference between an aesthetician and cosmetician especially when the need for these services are as increasing as they are in today's world and times.

Many might not be aware of the differences between a general esthetician and a medical beautician but it is a fact that knowing the difference is advantageous to anyone who seeking these cosmetic services today as the cost between the too might be very significant especially to people who are watching their budget. An esthetics specialist is a licensing and trained professional who is specialized and specifically trained in the maintenance and improvement of healthy skin. An esthetician focuses mainly on the outer layer of the skin commonly known as the epidermis.

A licenses esthetician does not get out of their focus of expertise even if the demand is ripe for it because they know that they are not licensed to handle any beauty concerns that are out of the scope skin and care. A beautician however, is a cosmologist, who is licensed and concerned about all the aspects of beauty including but not limited to just the skin but also the hair, nails, and other cosmetic treatments as is desired by the clientele or the ever-growing wide sting of customers.


To become an aesthetics specialist, one also requires to go through a professional training program which usually lasts for about 8 to 12 months after which one is expected to sit for and pass a state issued licensing exam. While the hours can also be long due to the demand and the conditions be rather stiff at the beginning, the average salary of a licensed esthetician is estimated at around $41,000 per year (reference: Even with a training program, licensing and relatively long hours at the start, once can see that this is a very lucrative and promising career that anyone who is willing to spend a similar amount of time and money in education, can go for easily.


BeauticianFor those who are excited about becoming a beautician, it is important to note that before one is allowed by the state to handle other people's bodies, they will first have to go to or attend a cosmetologist school for about a year. After going through the professional training, get a state licensing exam before they become a fully licensed beautician that is ready to practice or even open their own beauty spa or shop. Based on the requirements for beauty services, it may require long hours of work especially in the beginning, but with an average pay of $34,000 a year, this is really a lucrative career with a great and promising future.